Special Meeting of Members

“At the special meeting of Members agreement was reached to surrender the Lands Trust lease on the land in return for the Trust making payment of the clubs secured debt and writing off the rent arrears and then allowing free occupancy of the premises till the end of the year.

This will allow the club to restructure to become financially viable and be able to take a new lease for the land and buildings or if not possible to consider other alternatives which could be to find other premises to re-establish in, to amalgamate with another club or to wind up with members transferring to other clubs.

The Executive, with support from other interested members, will review the options but must reach a decision over the next few months with a view to reporting back to members on the future of the Club."

Taskforce - To investigate options for the future of the Club

The following members had agreed to form and serve on a Task Force to determine the future of the Club."

Rodney Miller
Warren Fisher
Alistair Dornan
Bruce Robinson
Maurice O’Reilly
Member of the Executive ( Bruce Alderson )

Leanne Dean has been re-appointed as Acting Manager

If you have any idea's that you think would be of value Please let Hewitt or Bruce know. You may have something that will work.

Club Background

Following the placement of advertisements in the local paper asking if there was any interest in forming a workingmen's type of club in Masterton and receiving over 1200 replies, a public meeting was called for 19 June 1972. At that meeting, attended by over 300 people, two motions were passed - that a club be formed in Masterton and that a steering committee co-opt assistance as required.

After that meeting a tremendous amount of work went on resulting in monthly club nights being held until April 1974 when the lease for the old Central Billiards Saloon was obtained. For over 2½ years the saloon was a temporary club room, providing members with snooker and pool tables, dartboards, indoor bowls. An application for a Club Charter during 1974 was declined but following that plans for the building of the club's own premises were reaffirmed. The next several months were spent in arranging loans, debenture monies and a site for the proposed building.

By October 1975 the Committee were in a position to call tenders for the construction of club rooms and work commenced in March 1976. There were 850 club members at that stage and a second charter application in June of that year was successful with the official opening of the newly completed club rooms being held on 27 November 1976.


President Bruce Alderson .
Vice President Goff Moorcock .
Treasurer Alan Stewart .
Executive Ian Galyer .
Executive Heather Galyer .
Executive Kevin Serni .
  Sally Heming .
  Ribena Meads  
Finance Alan Stewart, Goff Moorcock, Bruce Alderson
Sport Heather Galyer, Ribena Meads, Bruce Alderson, Ian Galyer
House / Membership Sally Heming
Building / Maintenance Kevin Serni, Ian Galyer, Bruce Alderson
Entertainment / Promotions Goff Moorcock, Kevin Serni, Heather Galyer
Disciplinary Goff Moorcock, Ian Galyer, Bruce Alderson
Website / Communication Ian Galyer, Kevin Serni
Clubs NZ Ian Galyer, Bruce Alderson
Courtesy Coach Heather Galyer
Acting Manager Leanne Dean
Office Administration Elaine Smith
Duty Managers Leanne Dean, Nicola Te Patu



There is no restriction to the number of guests that a member can sign into the club. The Visitors Book must be signed by your visitor and yourself - this is no longer a requirement of law, but a Club Rule set by members.

Your guests must be 18 years of age and over. This does not apply at all to Family Dining hours where children are restricted to the Stewart Dining Lounge.

Membership Cards

These must be carried at all times as door checks are carried out regularly.

Membership Information

To obtain further information on membership details and to obtain a Membership Application Kit go to our Home Page and download the application the form.


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